Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun

Parker in his outfit Uncle Cameron and Aunt Julia got him in Hawaii.
Showing off his boat.
These are from the Rose Parade.

I love my boys!
Such a sweet face.

Parker can say helmet now. We recently bought a bike trailer so we can go on bike rides as a family. He has his own Sesame Street helmet, but he doesn't like to keep it on for long. The first time we took him in the trailer, he was laughing and saying "Weeee". Very cute. Will have to try to get a picture or take a small video while riding. We biked a couple of miles to the park and to the mall on Sunday and then Grant biked back home by himself to get the van and pick us up. Didn't think I could make it up the hills back.
We went to Cook Park for a Ward Party. He liked digging in the sand, which was really like fine gravel. Yuck.

The hat and glasses didn't stay on long, but they were cute while they lasted.

Some of Parker's new words:
umbrella, airplane, Good Night, bottle, Ernie, Bert, Caillou (show on Sprout), Space ship, sun, star, moon, Earth, Mars, Saturn, atronaut, All done, All gone, monkey (and makes sounds and kind of bounces up and down with his arms at his side), alligator (not perfectly), queen, cone, Zach (said over and over as we came close to day care. Zach is his good friend and Karen's son), shark, fish, cat (and does movements like he is stroking his whiskers), heart, circle, square, apple, balloon, bike, book, hot, elphant, fork, spoon, hippo, horse, key, bakaball or bakabakaball (for basketball), ox, pizza, blanket, slide, fan, color, kick, paper, turtle, hamburger, meow, kite, dunno, pickle, broccoli, glasses, and probably many more I am forgetting.

If I ask him where the letter L is on his talking alphabet toy, he will point to it and say L.

When he watches a cartoon and they ask a question, like "Do you see the matching sock?", he immediately says "no." It makes me laugh.

Last night I was singing nursery rhymes from a Winnie the Pooh book. I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Parker was singing along. He got a couple of the words right. Star, Are, High. It was so amazing!

Today I was spray n' washing the laundry and he came up to me and said, "What Doin'?" I wasn't sure I heard him correctly and he repeated it two more times until I said, "I'm doing the laundry." He just smiled and turned away. He surprises me all the time of what he can do and say.

He is a happy boy. He loves people. He hates when I picked him up from day care and would run away from me. Made me feel crummy, but I know it's because they have great toys and his friends are there. He loves nursery at church too. He is such an easy going boy. I would love for him to say help or be able to let us know more clearly what he wants or needs, because that is when some whining comes in.

I am so glad school is out for the summer. I love being home with him. I spent last week working on home projects getting ready for my brother and his family to visit. I pruned, painted, steam cleaned carpets, dusted, did loads of laundry, spread bark mulch, planted, watered, power washed, swept, vacuumed, washed windows, etc. Busy, busy, but the majority of my to-do list is already checked off. Having surgery on my feet on the 21st and will be out of commission for a couple of weeks.

Parker is up from his nap and we are off to the Children's Discovery Museum.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Waterfront fun

We went to the Rose Festival and played in the fountain and walked around. Parker liked the areas set up for kids; a play area for toddlers and an area with lots of cool exotic animals.

These bottom pictures are at the Tualatin Commons. He shouts and signs "DUCK!" every time one is near.

Rocket boy

I found this Little Tykes rocket slide on craigslist a couple of weeks ago. We spray painted the red parts to brighten it up and it's ready to go. Parker loves it.

He loves pushing things. If it has wheels, he thinks it should be pushed.
He much rather push something than ride on it.
Look at this sweet boy giving his mommy a flower.