Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Weekend--33 years old

I had a wonderful birthday. Saturday I went to get a pedicure and manicure (compliments of my mother in law) and Sunday we went to the beach. It was a perfect day. 70 degrees, no wind, sunny... very unlike Oregon in October! My mom met us at the outlet mall. I had a good shopping day. I found a great pair of jeans in a smaller size for $10, 2 pair of shoes, some khaki pants, and some cute clothes for Parker.

The best part was the beach. Absolutely gorgeous. Parker has always been fascinated with things stuck to his hands (hairs, dirt, sand, etc.) and it was cute to see him examine what was on him. The water was freezing so he had a very quick dip of his toes into the ocean. He never liked sand on his feet before, but this trip he was more open to it.

I was curious what Grant was going to buy me for a present since I had given him no hints. I sometimes give him a list of ideas. Not this year. I have been talking this year about how I want a hobby. Parker always calms down to this song from the "Once" soundtrack. He hears a few strums of the acoustic guitar and immediately relaxes. I thought how great it would be if I could play the guitar. SO, he bought me an acoustic guitar! I've played around on it with some online classes and boy do your fingertips hurt. I'll push through the pain till I get some calluses. I'm excited to learn. I have the most amazing husband!

Fun with Leaves

Saturday we went to the park where Grant and I had serious discussions about our dating relationship. I was returning to California to teach after a summer of dating and this was the spot where we talked about whether we could make a long distance relationship work and if this relationship could possibly lead to marriage. Well, we know how that ended! :) This park is special to us and was neat to take our baby to play in the leaves.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Little People, Big World

Last weekend we wanted to get to the pumpkin patch while the weather was nice. There are several to choose from, but I am a fan of the show "Little People, Big World", so we drove to Hillsboro to go to the Roloff Farm. I wasn't the only one with this brilliant plan. We waited in traffic on the little farm road for an hour to get to their parking lot. Crazy! It's amazing how quickly you get over that frustration and into the festive spirit of pumpkins when you finally arrive.

This is Amy Roloff, the mom.Jeremy, one of the twins, was giving tractor rides. We did not go on the tour of the farm, but just took a bunch of pictures and went on our way.

Our little pumpkin.

If you watch the show, which is on Mondays at 8pm on TLC, you know that they have been doing this huge remodel of their house. It is complete now and looks great.
This is Matt's little person friend from California. He was up for a visit and was put to work giving parking directions from a crane.
They were actually filming that day. This is the crew.

A quiet day at home

I love my new camera, but I need to take a photography class. I had the day off because it was an inservice day. Parker and I hung out at home most of the day. I thought the light was perfect for some pictures. He was really funny about hitting the window. The neighbors across the street saw him and thought it was really cute. He is standing all the time. He walks around the coffee table and along the couches, but won't let go yet.

Busy boy

It has been awhile since I posted. Busy, busy!

Parker has been eating a lot of new foods this month. We love going to Sweet Tomatoes and having him try lots of new fruits, veggies, and pastas. We haven't really found anything that he doesn't like.

Do you think he likes Mac n' Cheese? I think he could be on their commercials! This is when Grandma Clark was babysitting.

Having fun with Grammy Sam.

He started out blowing my school whistle one day and then my mom bought him these saxophone whistles (I played the saxophone) and then he moved on to the kazoo. So funny. All one note.

Uncle Cameron bought him these cars. At first he mainly just ate them, but now he does push them around.
My favorite toy!
My sweet, tired boy.