Friday, January 23, 2009

Carousel Cries & My Smiley Guy

Looks happy doesn't he? Well, when we started moving it was not pretty. He was completely gripped on to me with both hands and was whining loudly. I would see people smiling and laughing as we came around. The rise and fall in Parker's cries amused many.

Here are some happier pictures.
We braved the cold, windy day for some outside pictures.
He loved seeing the big willow tree sway.

This picture makes me laugh. What a face.
Can you see his chipped tooth?
Reading his new book from Grammy, "Oops." He loves the David books.
He loves to pop Daddy's bubbles.
When one phone isn't enough.
Everything is a phone now. He'll pick up something and just start babbling.

Other things Parker does now:
~ Opens doors. He is so tall he can reach up and grab the lever and go anywhere he wants.
~ Walks and runs.
~ Drinks out of a straw and eats just about anything. He is not picky. Loves the independence of feeding himself.
~ He can point to Mommy's eye... just about pokes it out.
~ Climbs.
~ Sleeps through the night!
~ Waves hi and bye.
~ Carries around heavy objects, including a 3 pound weight he takes out of our spare room/ workout room. (He has big biceps!)
~ Cuddles. He loves to cuddle with Mom and Dad, pillows, blankets, and big stuffed monkeys for short periods of time. Such a sweet boy. Because we say, "Ohhh! :)" when he does it, now he says it.

I want him to talk!
We think he has said the following words once, but we can't be sure: up, hat, dog.
He says, "Uh, oh" at times. I really thought he would be an early talker because of how much babbling he does.

I love him so much. I love this age, but can't wait to see how his personality continues to develop.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blowin' away

We've had the worst wind the last couple of days. A big section of our fence blew over and the chimney topper blew off. A big pot of bamboo was blown over in the front yard. I've been worried about losing power, but we've been lucky so far.