Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby News!

Parker is going to be a Big Brother!!!
We are so excited! The new baby is due December 10th. We have hoped and prayed for this pregnancy for almost a year. We actually met with a Fertility Specialist. We sat there listening to all the costs of tests and Dr. visits and I didn't feel right about it. She had reserved an appt. with the Dr. and I asked her to cancel it. I told her that I should have started my period that day and that I would like to go to the lab and take a pregnancy test; maybe I was actually pregnant. I prayed I was. She assured me that she would not leave the office until she found out the results and that she would call me. My mom was watching Parker and we went out for a date night. I got the call in the movie theater. I ran to the side and answered it on my way out the door. She told me it was positive. I asked her a couple of times if I heard her correctly. I was so happy! I ran back inside and called Grant over to the hall. I told him and he was completely shocked. We hugged and I cried. We went back to the movie and were just holding hands with big smiles on our faces. Many times during the movie, we would turn to each other and just smile or hug. It was great news and we were so happy to not have to go through the expensive and emotional trials of Fertility treatments. Parker will be a great big brother. He will be 3 years 1 month old. We are really crossing our fingers for a girl. I've always wanted one of each. Of course, we will be thrilled no matter what. I can't believe I have to wait 10 weeks to find out!

P.S. This little photo shoot may look like I had a very cooperative, smiley boy and how easy to photograph him, but NO... this took some bribing with cookies. I had to sing the Cookie Monster Song with cookies in my hand, "C is for Cookie that's good enough for me!" Well, it finally worked. I love these shots. I love this boy!

Oaks Park

Flying High with Mommy.
It was such a beautiful Saturday before Mother's Day after almost an entire month of rain. We wanted a day in the SUN, so we headed to Oaks Park to ride the rides.
Parker loves driving the cars and motorcycles.
He's in heaven!

Mommy and Parker on a boat ride.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I got to sleep in, was served breakfast in bed, got a wonderful card from Grant and Parker, talked to my mom, went to church and heard the Primary sing "Mother Dear, I Love You So!", and was spoiled the rest of the day. Grant got me a gift certificate for the spa and booked the appointment for the 20th. Can't wait! Ahhhhh.

I love being a Mother. Parker amazes me everyday. He is so smart, funny, sweet, loving, helpful, and is just so darn cute! I'm so happy to be his Mommy.