Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 year Photo Shoot

Grant was trying to show Parker how to stand still so Mommy could take his picture. It was QUITE challenging, but we got a few good shots. I must say that both of my boys are so cute!

After our photo shoot, we went to the mall to play at the kid's play area. We saw Santa! He's already visiting Tigard, Oregon! I just happened to bring my camera and they let me take my own pictures. We will go back for another photo shoot when Parker has changed out of his Fall outfit and into something more Christmas.

Parker liked Santa OK. No tears, but not a whole lot of smiles.

Happy 2nd Birthday Parker!

I can't believe my little boy is 2! It is Sesame Street's 40th Birthday this year, so that became the theme. He loves Sesame Street, but Caillou and Thomas the Train are probably his first and second favorites.

Parker would open one present and immediately want to play with it. He was very happy with everything he got.
Parker and cousins Max, Molly, and Finn. Baby Laurel was being held.

Yum! We got the cake from the Thriftway Bakery. It is the same Lemon Drop cake we've had for my baby shower and Mom's birthday. SO good. He really only ate the ice cream. He kept saying, "Birthday Cake!" though.

Grandma and Parker after everyone went home. The Elmo doll they are holding is one that my Grandpa sent for him several months ago. It is a puppet and he loves it! My mom made the blanket that is in the background.
It was a great party. We are so happy to have Parker. He is so much fun and I just adore him! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Our Living Room Redesign


This is our living room after we got our new sectional and after Grant ripped out the old tan carpet and laid down flooring, but before the rest of the redesign. We got our old couches when we got married. They were big and light tan. Our room was very beige with the carpet, couches, and walls, and I was SO over it. We had some purple in the room and the curtains made it very dark. The rug was horrible and had many snags. We love the new room!

It all started with the rug. I searched and searched for a rug I liked with blues and browns and this one won. Then, we found a paint color we liked and Grant painted the room by himself while I was at work and Parker was at daycare. He did a great job. He did the flooring all by himself too when Parker and I were in California for Spring Break. I love a good Honey Do list!
Love the tree art! What is on the fireplace mantle keeps changing. I recently bought a brown metal leaf art, but am not sure if I love it either.

Other changes we have made in this room since we have lived here are: removing the big, black cast iron wood-burning stove and putting in this brushed silver insert with glass doors. We also removed the short, scuffed and damaged brown moulding and we painted and installed thick, white moulding and replaced all of the doors in the house with solid, white, six panel doors that we bought for $10 each from a friend whose house was being demolished for a new neighborhood.Goodbye, dark purple curtains and hello new, fresh white curtains.

I bought the clock and it was a strange light orangish brown color and Grant spray painted it silver.
We framed our favorite picture of Parker. It is one I took of him when he was 10 months old.
The second Parker saw this rug, he grabbed his cars and started driving them on winding road that is on the rug. I never thought of that when I ordered it.
I would love to get a new coffee table. Not sure what I want. Maybe an oval or round glass one with silver border or maybe a big upholstered ottoman. Matching colors would be hard though. I would probably want the aqua color. We'll see. We need to get new carpet in the bedrooms, redo the bathrooms and kitchen countertops first. It never ends!

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.