Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Toys

1. Mr. Potato Head

Aunt Wendy opened the toy-filled trunk of her car on Thanksgiving & said take what you want. We are so lucky to get all the hand-me-downs! Parker has been having so much fun with his Mr. Potato Heads. We have kept most of the other toys for his Christmas presents. I have only bought him one thing.
Love this picture! I really want to take some photography classes and want to learn how to edit, but I was pretty happy with how these turned out. I thought the lighting was good (for once) in our living room.

Trying one on for size

2. Parker Train
Karin sent him this train for his birthday. I love when he brings me one and tells me the letter. Such a creative gift!


Parker is lucky to have Grandma Day every Friday! My mom one week, Grant's mom, Sam, the other. I just love these shots I got last week.

What you get out of a silly 2 year old

Had to post a progression of pictures that we took for Christmas cards. I envisioned something different. It is SO difficult to take Parker's picture! At least he sat still for a bit.

Not sure where this smile came from. So silly!

He started ROARING here.

Teethy grin.

Love this picture of Grant. So handsome! Parker is being silly.

Running in front of the camera. Darn, because I like this one of Grant and I.