Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Suit

I love this little boy! Parker is 22 months on this day.

He loved driving his cars in the window sill.
He looks like a Senator in this picture! It cracks me up!
Funny smile!

Albany Art & Air Festival

Ten years ago my Dad started the Art and Air Festival in Albany, Oregon where he was the Parks and Recreation Director. Today it is quite the event. I wanted to make sure I attended this year. Parker loves all vehicles, but has been quite interested in trains and planes SO I decided last minute to take him on the Amtrak train down to Albany on a Friday evening. Grant met us at my mom's house Saturday morning and brought his bike in the van. He wasn't there long because he biked home, 78 miles. My mom and I took Parker to the night glow Friday evening. It was so beautiful. Parker woke up Saturday morning at 6:45 and I changed his diaper, threw on some jeans and a jacket and off we went to chase hot air balloons around the fields of Albany on the foggy/ cloudy morning while my mom slept in.
By the time we hit Salem, Parker was saying "All done!" and wanted to get off and run around with everyone else. I had to grab the car seat and stick him in it to keep him from trying to climb over me and run around. I'm sure it was uncomfortable for his long legs.

He cried when we left the train. It was fun to experience it with him, but I could have used an extra set of hands.

Aren't they amazing?!

This one was so low I was afraid it wouldn't get over the trees.
This was the only balloon with an unusual shape-- Noah's Ark.
They were so close, I could yell "Hello!"

This might be my favorite picture of the day.
There were 40 hot air balloons in all. It seemed like more. There were many others behind me.
I sat Parker on the top of my mom's car to get these shots. Love the balloon going right over us.

After chasing the balloons around for about an hour, Parker and I went out to breakfast and then went to get my mom out of bed. Grant got there and did a couple of things for her and then headed out on his bike. Parker napped and then we got ready and went to the festival.
He had to ride on this little train. It was no Amtrak, but he loved it.

This is one lucky boy. He was eyeing up this motorcycle and the owners walked up and said that he could sit on it. He was nervous without being held onto.
We walked around the planes and a pilot was just starting preparations for take off. He left his door open and Parker went running full speed. He saw Parker's excitement and suggested that he sit inside. I was surprised. I was afraid that Parker would hit a button or switch that could hurt something, but he assured us that Parker could do no damage. It was really hard to get him out of there!

Notice the airplane shirt. What am I going to put him in when we go to the Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel next week? We don't have any lederhosen!

This had to be the most memorable weekend of the summer. We'll go again next year. If you live in Oregon, you should go. Children ages 8-17 can ride in an airplane for free. Several pilots participate in this program every year. Very cool.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

He's Flying!

This playground is my favorite. If you are ever in McMinnville when the museum is open and you have kids, you have got to stop just to play on this playground. Watch your head as you climb back down out of the tall rocket structure. I banged my head pretty badly.

The Spruce Goose.
My mom and Parker in front of a Blue Angels jet. My family saw on of their shows when I was young. I wanted to be the first female fighter pilot once upon a time.


We bought these dog ears probably 4-5 years ago for Halloween to go with this horrible brown jumpsuit we found at Burlington Coat Factory. Parker's been having a great time with them.

Oaks Park

We headed over to Oaks Park for a couple hours of fun after Grant got off work. It kind of sprinkled on us for a bit. What was nice about the clouds and drizzle was that there were few people. NO lines at all!

Fun with mirrors.

Parker likes carousels now. It was slower than the one at Jantzen Beach mall that he hated. This one didn't have straps so I had to hold onto him tightly to make him feel safe. On all these rides he barely cracked a smile. We know he liked them because when they stopped, he often would cry for a second or whine until we assured him we were going on something else.

There's a smile!

You can even see that he is saying Choo Choo!

Fun day! We didn't travel far this summer, but we went on many little adventures.