Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rose Festival

While at the parade, my brother's wife, Julia, called to say they were close by. She drove her three girls from Cheyenne, Wyoming. They met us at the Rose Festival. It was a great reunion. It was the first sunny day we had had in a long time.

Sophia and Parker


Parker had missed his nap and fell asleep with a corn dog in hand while Grant was carrying him. He got passed off to me.
My fair, Oregon skin did not like all the sun we got that day. I put sunscreen on Parker and wiped the excess on my face, but did not get the rest of me. Ouch! I'll be more careful from here on out.

Sling shot

This is the third year Grant has rode the Slingshot at the Rose Festival. I thought this deserved its own post. I cropped some pictures enough to get a good look at his face.

Oaks Park with the Clark cousins

On a BENCH on the carousel. :( Parker did NOT want to get on an animal. He said they were scary.

My brother, Cameron, and his youngest girl Natalia.
Cameron and Julia took the little ones down the slide.
Parker loves people in giant animal costumes.
This is quite the car full of cuties!
I never thought Parker would go on this ride (he doesn't even like the carousel!), but with his helpful, older cousin, Sophia.... no problem.

Julia took him on his first roller coaster. He hated it and did not crack one smile. He dug into her arm and was saying it was scary!

It was a great day. Beautiful weather. I was glad we went to the Preschool Ride Morning. It is every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 am and kids 6 and under are only $6.25. Parents are free. They end the day with story time and cookies and milk. Some of my summer plans include, free movies at Regal Cinemas Tuesday-Thursdays at 10, Oaks Park, and the public library.

After Oaks Park, we went back home for naps and then off to the park. Long, tiring day, but we formed some great lasting memories.

Water Park

We headed to Murase Plaza Park in Wilsonville. I love this park. This slide on this huge mound is awesome, but the water park is incredible. Parker and I will be spending lots of time there this summer.

Parker is a very cautious boy. He didn't like getting splashed by anyone and loves to be in control. He liked filling his bucket with water and later would run through the fountain and got used to the idea of getting more wet.

Love this picture. Sophia had soaked up lots of water in this splash football to surprise her mom and Julia was getting her revenge!

These girls are water babies.

Ava trying to warm up and dry off.
Parker running through the fountains. Had to put his shirt on him because he kept climbing up and down the rocks and scraping his belly.

The daddies and Grandma came and joined us towards the end.

And I'll end this post with this series of pictures:

Thank goodness they bounced right back! Horrible, but I can't help but laugh at these pictures. Kids are so resilient!


May was filled with birthdays. We went to 3 birthday parties... our niece Molly's 6th birthday, niece Laurel's 1st birthday, and friend Sofia's 1st birthday.


Sofia's party was at Gymboree. Parker had so much fun... his favorite thing was the parachute.
And the cake. 3 parties in one month. When they were all over he was asking to go to another party to eat cake.
Molly's 6th birthday was at Safari Sam's. Parker had a great time playing in the play structure and running around. It was very fun. I'm sad we forgot our camera.

Other things in May:
Parker likes to sort things. We discovered this on our fridge. Parker sorted all the magnets by color. Funny boy!Lining up his cars.This is my last field trip of the year. We went to the Aurora Colony. It was a fun, hands-on field trip. The last month of school is definitely challenging with 5th graders.

I'm happy summer is here. I'm starting to feel better. Lots of nausea with this pregnancy. Swollen ankles already. A very different pregnancy this time around. Will find out the gender of the baby on July 13th so stay tuned!