Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

These pictures start in the upper left hand corner on my 15th birthday, to Winter formal, long distance dating, the day were we engaged in the middle, our wedding and early married life.

Happy Valentine's Day to my sweetheart of 22 years!

When I met you in 7th grade, there was an instant connection. You were not like the other boys. You were thoughtful and caring even as a 12 year old. You always made me laugh and feel special. My journal on January 13, 1989 says, "Grant is really like old-fashioned. He carries my books, opens the door for me, and takes my lunch tray. He is also very funny. I REALLY want him for my 8th grade boyfriend." You made a huge impression on me. Every guy I met I compared to: first- my father and then to you.

I would always have butterflies in my stomach when I knew I was going to see you and stressed about what I would wear. I remember times we would spend together, like when we went to the beach in college where we sang Chicago songs the whole way, where I wished that our friendship was more. I got my wish. I got the best husband possible.

I love you more and more every day. I feel so lucky to have you as my husband. You are the most amazing man and father. Not a day goes by where you don't show me how much you love me. I appreciate all of your support, your partnership in our family, your fun-loving personality, and your positive outlook.

I love you honey! Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Parker is doing and saying so many new things. Here are some:

  • Parker used to say “All done!” when he was full, now he says “All finished!”
  • "I see ________." Fill in the blank.
  • I picked him up from daycare and he got in the car and said, "Zebra has stripes." Then he talked about ladybugs, hippopotamus', horses, and dolphins.
  • He has his favorites now and calls them by that. “Want favorite blanket.” “Favorite car.”
  • Counts objects, but usually does not stop when he gets to the end. He'll just keep going back and forth.
  • He knows his letters. He impressed my students when they were quizzing him with his letters and shapes.
  • He compliments! “Good turning” as I drive the car. Grant jumped on the bed and Parker said, “Good jumping, Daddy!” He even compliments himself: “Good singing Parker!”

  • I get to a stop light and Parker will say, "Green means go!" or "Red means Stop!"
  • If you say anything about a party, he talks about birthday cake, but if there is cake, he doesn't really eat it.
  • On Sprout they made a little art project and he said, “Crafts!” They do a lot of crafts at daycare.
  • He took silverware out of the drawer and lined up all the spoons and said, “Train!” (Like he doesn’t have enough trains, he has to go and take my clean silverware out of my drawer!)
  • In the tub, he put two frogs in the water and said, “Frog in the pond.”
  • Going down hills he says, “Slide down the mountain.”
  • He draws lines that rise and fall and calls them mountains.
  • Parker would be an awesome Pictionary partner because he knows quickly what we are drawing. I drew a horrible train and he said, “Good train drawing Mommy!”
  • Yelled “HELLLLOOOO! anaana In THERE?!” with his head in a bucket. anaana is anybody.
  • He was laying on the kitchen floor with paper and a crayon and he said, “I draw clouds.” They looked like clouds to me. Dark, rainy ones (he had a black crayon).
  • “I hear dog barking.” “QUIET! DOG!” He knows how frustrated I am with our neighborhood dogs right now.
  • "NO WAY!"- got this from the rescue pack on Diego. Drives me crazy! Considering not letting him watch Diego now. I’ll say, “Parker, would you like mac n’ cheese?” and he’ll say, “No way!”
  • "Dolphins swim in the water. Goldfish swim in the water. Dolphins swim in the water. Sharks swim in the water." We’ll ask him, “Do horses swim in the water?” He will say "Nooooo!"
  • We checked out a book at the library last week. Grant asked him, what is this book called and he said, “Fire Trucks in Action.” We hadn’t read for at least 2 full days. I couldn’t believe he knew the title. Grant says that he had said it a few days before that.
  • He interacts with the TV. Diego will ask, “Do you see the boat?” Parker replies, “Right there! In the water!”

He loves to wear Mommy's shoes. He can take his fireman boots on and off. I thought it was funny that he had both pairs on.
At his best friend's 3rd birthday party at McDonald's, he stole everyone's chipmunk toys from their happy meals and played with them under play structure. He would just line them all up. He gets nervous around bigger, loud kids who are running around in those play structures.

Parker is such a fun, sweet boy. I love his personality! It is amazing how much he is learning and growing.

Fireman Parker

On our way back from California, we went into a consignment store and I found this coat for 50 cents. I was pretty excited. We picked up the rain boots a week later. Now we just need a hat. Not sure that he would keep it on though. Pants might be good too. I've seen some pretty good looking firemen-- I bet ladies wouldn't mind too much if some were only in their tidy whities.

Christmas Morning

I forgot to post this video from Christmas morning. I love it!