Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parker's new adventures

We decided with such nice weather to take a day trip to the beach. It was Parker's nap time and we thought he'd just sleep the whole way there. We got 45 minutes into the trip and he still hadn't fallen asleep so we stopped at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum to let him run around and play on their amazing play structure to tire him out. We went inside to use the restrooms and saw that they had a ride for kids. Parker loves planes and every time he hears or sees one he shouts, "Pane, Pane." He wanted to go on this ride! We were worried since he HATED the carousel, but thought we'd give it a shot. It had straps like a car seat, so I think that made all the difference in making him feel safe. He was pretty serious as he rode it; no giggles or smiles, so we were unsure how much he really liked it. I think he was just tired. When it stopped, he was mad and cried. He rode one more time before we left (and he cried again when it stopped). I felt a sense of pride that he was such a big boy to ride this 10+ feet in the air by himself. I teared up a bit! He fell asleep real quick when we got back on the road.

When we got to the beach we were surprised to see that it was completely foggy and cold. We left 83 degree weather to come to a 60 degree beach. That's Oregon for you! We went to the outlet mall first, hoping it would burn off, but it didn't. Grant forgot a sweatshirt so he found a sweater at Old Navy for $6 and we had to buy Parker a sweat suit because his diaper leaked a bit and his back up clothes were wet and it was too cold for his first outfit of shorts. Next time we'll each take like 4 outfits for a day trip!

Parker has never liked the sand. He doesn't like his hands dirty. That is in the past!
We brought lots of shovels, sifters, and his dump truck. He loved it!I love this boy!
He loved sitting in front of me and shoveling and then flicking it behind him to hit me with the sand. It was everywhere!
Oh, the feeling of sand in your hands!
I love the progression of the following pictures, except the 4th.
Bird!Wonder what this sand tastes like.Gross! Gagging! He tried wiping the sand off his tongue and then more sand got in his mouth and he started gagging.
Back to having fun! No more tasting sand.
That was all we saw of the sun that day. Driving 5 miles east was perfectly blue skies.
What a pair!


Brenley said...

I hope you had your baby powder with you to get all the sand off...what a miracle worker! And I love the picture of you two at the top, adorable!

Julia said...

This post made me laugh. He is such a happy little guy! I love the picture of him tasting the sand and then gagging on it. I love how you didn't even hesitate to keep shooting pictures while he was gagging. So funny and he will think it is hilarious later. I love the pictures with grant looking at the water so darling. What a fun day.