Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All About Parker

Let me tell you about my incredible son, Parker.

We had a parent-teacher conference with his daycare provider, Karen. She said that his biggest strength is his heart. He is a very sweet boy and is very considerate of others. He is going to be an excellent big brother. The other day I told him that his baby brother is almost here and he will cry a lot. He said, "No, he won't cry. I will bring him a bottle of milk. Glug, glug, glug (and he held a pretend bottle up to my tummy.)"

She also told us that she thinks he will be an early reader.

He knows all of his upper case letters and many of his lower case.

He has been able to count to 20 for some time now and to 10 in Spanish.

He knows all of his colors and knows green, red, blue, yellow, and white in Spanish.

He has known his shapes for ages now- circle, oval, rectangle, triangle.

Parker "reads" several books. Some of the words are so difficult. It is really suprising that he can remember so many things.

He says long, complicated sentences, "I want my purple truck with the motorcycle in it."

He understands pronounces and uses them correctly most of the time. You, your, our, him, his, he, she her, their.

Parker has great manners. He says Please, Thank You, You're Welcome, No Thanks, and has recently made comments like, "This tastes great, Mommy!"

We were all laying in bed in the dark and Parker stood on Grant’s head to reach the ceiling fan light. Grant said, “Parker you are standing on my head. I don’t like it.” Parker replied, “Oh, c’mon! You love it!” We cracked up! I don’t think either of us have ever said that to him before. So funny!

Parker likes to tell stories. "Once upon a time...." He usually retells a story we've read or a movie we've watched. He loves when we make up stories where he is the main character.

He acts out scenes from Toy Story 3. “There’s the fire, Jessie. It’s getting close.” Holds our hands and bows his head and closes his eyes. Then exclaims, “Look, Jessie! The claw! We’re safe!”

He will play with his stuffed animals or with Buzz Lightyear and will have conversations with them. He wants us to be the voices that talk back. He said the other day to Buzz, "OK, Mr. Lightyear... prove it!"

This is his reaction to his new race car bed. Now we have a twin mattress in it. He loves it!

At his 3 year appointment, he weighed 37.5 pounds and was 3 feet 4 inches tall. He is in the 95th percentile for height and in the 75th for weight. “I’m a big boy!” is right.

We love Parker so much. He is so funny and smart.


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