Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Parker is 3!

I can't believe my little boy is 3! We had 2 parties for him. In the morning we went to Safari Sam's, which I explained to him, is like Pizza Planet from Toy Story 1. There is a huge jungle gym and lots of games. He loved running through the minature golf course because his socks were glowing from the black lights.

Toy Story Playdough from Grammy.

Bizzzz! Parker had his Buzz Lightyear lazer on his arm and was bizzing people.

Grant and I bought him a big Buzz. He says 60 sayings and his head moves. He is Parker's favorite new toy.

Celebrating after blowing out all 3 candles on his cake.
In the evening, we had a second small party at our home to watch "Toy Story 3." We had watched it twice in the theaters, but now we own it. I borrowed a screen and projector from the school to create our theater. We had popcorn and lots of candy.

The refreshment table.
Parker with his best friend from daycare and cousin.
Parker loved his parties. He did think that he should have a third party because he was 3. :) We would talk to him about his upcoming birthday and say, "You are going to be 3" and he would say, "NO! I'm 2!" He didn't want to be 3, but now has accepted it and says he is a big boy.


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