Monday, November 15, 2010

Flying High

Albany's Art and Air Festival was started by my Dad 11 years ago. Last year we went with Parker. I look back at this post and tear up. He was still a baby. He has changed so much this past year. The weekend did not go as we planned. We got down there too late and missed the Night Glow. Parker woke up with a rash all over his face and torso, so we made an Urgent Care trip up to Salem and missed the launch of hot air balloons. We hung in there though, and I'm so glad we did. We were taken up for free airplane ride by a pilot that knew my Dad. What an amazing, unforgettable experience.

I wasn't sure how Parker would react to flying in a small plane, just sitting on my lap. He LOVED it! He was laughing louder than I've ever heard and pointing out all the train tracks, cars on the freeway, etc. He saw a dry field and said, "Look, a desert!"